The MP Rotator is the most efficient sprinkler nozzle available on the market today. This high efficiency rotating nozzle has been defined as a water-saving device, perfect for retrofitting older systems and great for new installations.
The MP Rotator was designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind. The rotating nozzle delivers multiple streams of water at a slow rate that soils can absorb, significantly reducing runoff. This application rate allows up to 30% less water use when compared to traditional sprays. The double-pop design with only one moving part ensures the MP Rotator will perform in harsh conditions with little to no maintenance.

Let’s take a look into why the MP Rotator is the world’s most efficient sprinkler nozzle.

Water Savings

The multiple rotating streams of the MP Rotator apply water more efficiently. The slow application rate allows water to gently soak into the soil with an even distribution of water throughout the irrigated area. This increased efficiency results in 30% less water use when compared to traditional sprays.

Fights Runoff and Mist

The powerful streams of the MP Rotator combined with its low application rate are a huge improvement over traditional spray patterns of misty water at a higher flow rate. When other traditional sprays are misting away in the wind, the MP Rotator cuts through the wind and delivers its large water droplets where they’re needed, making the MP Rotator the best choice for water efficiency.


The MP Rotator is made in the USA with the highest quality materials available. With only one moving part, the MP Rotator can take a beating and still perform.


The MP Rotator has a patented double-pop feature that keeps the sprinkler free from external debris, for extreme reliability.

Matched Precipitation

The MP Rotator has the ability to control the amount of water flowing through the nozzle over various arc and radius settings. This automatically matches the precipitation rate throughout the specified capability of each nozzle. The MP Rotator is available in two matched precipitation rates – 1) the standard MP Rotator at 0.4 in/hr and 2) the MP Rotator SR series (identified by the gray cap) at 0.8 in/hr.


The MP Rotator line covers a variety of spaces from 5’ wide side strips up to a 35’ radius. The MP Rotator SR series offers high efficiency coverage for areas with short radius needs, even as short as a 6’ radius.

Cost Savings

The MP Rotator is a proven way to save money on both your water bill and your system installation.

Water cost – Install the MP Rotator onto any conventional spray body or shrub adapter to transform it into a high efficiency sprinkler and save on your monthly bill. Use the Hunter water savings calculator to find out how much water you can save switching to MP Rotators.

Material cost – When designing a new system with the MP Rotator, your overall system material cost can be reduced. See our MP Rotator vs. spray system design cost comparison.

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