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Rainmaker Irrigation proudly uses only high quality products from Hunter™ and Rain Bird™. Listed below are just a few example of the quality components we use. If you need replacement parts for your irrigation system, call Rainmaker Irrigation today and save.

SRC Plus Controller:

Introducing a controller with the kind of features virtually no other competitively priced controller has. The Hunter SRC brings to the economy end of the scale the kind of sophisticated technology and built-in convenience that was once only available on top-of-the-line products. Imagine...dial programming and a large display for quick set-up...a built-in 365-day calendar clock to accommodate odd/even watering restrictions (no monthly reprogramming hassles)...a convenient rain sensor bypass circuit...a full three programs, each with four start times. It’s all here in this solidly built command center featuring a rugged cabinet that gives the product a polished, professional look. Why pay more to get all of the features you can get right here for a whole lot less? The Hunter SRC is the controller that’s setting new standards for economy and versatility.

PICC Controllers:

Superior flexibility, ease of use and outstanding water management. All together in one commercial controller. Hunter introduced the concept of personalized construction for controllers – allowing custom tailoring to more effectively handle the odd number of stations a system may require – and the acceptance has been overwhelming. Then again, why shouldn't it be? After all, nothing else makes more sense when seeking the ideal choice to run irrigation systems at virtually any commercial site, from schools, parks and sports fields to hotels, resorts and apartment buildings.

The idea is a simple one: a controller that's "built" by combining sets of "modules" to create a system that can handle up to 48 stations and handle the different irrigation needs for turf, shrubs and flower beds, as well as any special watering restrictions. Whatever size you choose, you'll enjoy all the features one could want: dial programming; a large easy-to-read display; programmable master valve; 365-day calendar; rain sensor bypass; seasonal adjustment; a choice of plastic, metal or stainless steel cabinets; and Hunter's simplified user set-up. Hunter ICC, for the ultimate in flexibility.

Pro-C Controllers

A complete family of full-featured residential and light commercial controllers. No need to bring along a variety of different-sized controllers to see which one is best for the job. With its ability to customize to the particular size you need (from 3 to 15 stations), the Pro-C will always be the right choice. A modular system also makes inventory a breeze – there are only three different units to stock (indoor cabinets, outdoor cabinets and station modules).

But, modularity isn't all this controller has to offer, with great features such as three programs with multiple start times, independent day scheduling options, "one touch" manual start and rapid advance, a programmable event day off, robust heavy-duty locking plastic cabinet, and superior surge protection. Pro-C: delivering maximum flexibility for landscapes that require a minimal number of stations.

PGP® Rotary Sprinkler

The world's best selling residential and light commercial rotor sets the standards for an entire industry. Why settle for second best when you can have the sprinkler by which everything else is measured. The PGP is Hunter's original product, the item that put the company on the map in 1981. Its exceptional design and impressive performance placed the rotor a cut above back then, while continuous improvements and enhancements have allowed it to remain the number one selling rotor in the world ever since. With the superior ability to deliver even water distribution from precision engineered nozzles, this sprinkler is unequaled for reliability, durability, versatility and value. With its patented features and Hunter's years of experience in gear-drive technology, it's no wonder the PGP remains the professional's choice.

I-10/I-20 Ultra Rotary Sprinklers

Five Year Warranty SealThe rotor with heavy-duty commercial-grade features that's equally at home in a residential setting. If you’ve ever desired the convenience of being able to use just one rotor to cover all of your needs, here it is. Got a small area for which you don’t want to create a separate spray zone? Is a portion of your landscape in sandy soil? Is the landscape a mix of shrub zones and expanses of grass? Does one part of the turf require a higher cut? With all the features on today’s I-20 Ultra (most notably its ability to effectively cover a radius range from 17 up to 47 feet) there’s a single-sprinkler alternative to stocking a variety of rotors and sprays. With over 20 different nozzle choices, the I-20 Ultra rotor can handle the full range of irrigation needs.

SVC - Smart Valve Controllers

Reliable battery-powered control without the need of electric connection. For isolated sites or power-restricted areas, and for the special needs of drip zones, Hunter provides the ideal economical answer. The SVC mounts to a valve solenoid quickly and easily – without screws, drills or additional wires – and the unit's solid construction ensures it can handle the harsh environment of a valve box. The SVC operates off a single 9-volt battery that's guaranteed to provide power through a full season. Along with exceptional reliability, it's also a breeze to program, with an easy to read LCD display instead of cumbersome buttons and knobs. Up to nine start times are available, offering the flexibility to handle watering schedules for such things as establishing new turf or irrigating steep slopes with low infiltration rates.

ICC Metal Controllers

The heavy-duty, feature-filled commercial controller versatile enough to handle most any site. We've taken the advantage that modular design has to offer and combined it with the ultimate in durability to create the ideal heavy-duty commercial controller. The metal or stainless steel versions of the ICC include all of the great features that have made this unit the outstanding choice for water management amongst all controllers in its class.

A large easy-to-read display. Hunter's simplified user set-up. Dial programming. 365-day calendar clock. Seasonal adjustment. Programmable master valve. Rain sensor bypass. It's all here. But what sets these ICC controllers apart is the added benefit of superior construction – your choice of metal or stainless steel cabinets, each built to handle the toughest of outdoor environments, each built to withstand the possibility of vandalism. In addition these two versions also can handle an even greater number of stations…up to 48 zones!


Wireless Valve System

Rugged, reliable, multi-station, multi-function, battery-powered controller and programmer. Traffic medians, roundabouts, rural properties, construction sites, municipal parks…all places that lack standard electric power. But with the Wireless Valve System, Hunter makes it possible for each to enjoy the benefits of automatic irrigation.

Battery life is guaranteed through a full season, making replacement a simple annual task. And there's no need to reach inside the valve box to hook up a field transmitter and download program instructions; the programmer can communicate with the controller from up to 100 feet away. Combined with the user-friendly operating features, there's no battery-powered unit on the market that's easier to program. Plus, with all installed components hidden safely underground and out of view, only the Wireless Valve System is truly vandal-resistant.

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